Misted Windows

Misted Windows & Doors Repair in the Chelmsford Area

Misted windows repairs Chelmsford & misted doors repairYour misted windows and doors is a common problem with double glazed units. This problem can be caused by old age of your uPVC window or door or sometimes by incorrect fitting. The Window Doctor can quickly and efficiently repair or replace your misted windows and doors around the Chelmsford area.

Why Do Windows Get Misted Up?

Your double glazing is formed from two panes of glass sealed together, with a gap left between them. When the seal fails, it allows new air to get in between the panes of the double glazing. This air has moisture in it, condensation forms (misted or foggy appearance) and/or streaky patterns can be seen. Thus, your misted window or misted double glazed door, usually a patio door, is created.

Your misted window or door not only does not great to look through, it may well be affecting its insulating properties too. Your property may be less energy efficient because of the misting, increasing your heating costs.

How are your Misted Double Glazed Windows & Doors Repaired?

The good news is that your misty double glazed windows and your misty double glazed doors can be repaired or replaced by the Window Doctor in the Chelmsford area of Essex. Once we are contacted, we can often provide you a price if you can give an approximate size of the misted window. The price includes a site survey, the supply, the installation, 5 year warranty (on uPVC and aluminium windows) and the old units are taken away for recycling.

Our repairs involve the replacement of your failed sealed unit, which can be carried out quickly. Also, our repairs only cost you a fraction of the amount replacing the whole window or door would come to. All of our new and replacement glass has a five year guarantee on parts and labour in the unlikely event of a unit failing.

You can Contact the Window Doctor Chelmsford to repair your misted double glazed windows and double glazed patio doors. They can be repaired no matter if they are uPVC, aluminium or wood/timber framed.